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By Carl Toms


The late King of Pop’s sexual attraction to young boys will always be denied furiously by some. Those who favour fantasy over facts will forever insist his love of children was pure and innocent. For the rest of us, Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons provides the complete review of every known "special friendship" and all the "sleepovers”. Author Carl Toms is respectful and sympathetic towards the great entertainer but does not shy away from difficult truths painstakingly researched in detail and reported unflinchingly over a massive 624 pages.


Toms’ is the only book to examine thoroughly Michael’s trial on child abuse charges without obscuring the increasingly well documented – but surprisingly little known – facts about earlier allegations.


In the months before publication, a massive campaign was mounted for this proudly “unauthorised” study to be banned or boycotted. But those who have actually read it have given rave reviews – including internationally renowned scholars and open-minded Jackson fans. See Homepage and below.


"A recommended read. Not just another book about 'Wacko Jacko'. There won’t be anything written quite like it."

Richard Green, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles


“...a damned good book! Only the most foolish of people would log onto Amazon and take an ignorant shot at Carl Toms' work without having read it...”

Desiree Hill, blogger


“It's been many years since I carried a book with me, anxious to read it over everything else in my life...destined to be a classic in the field of sexuality, along with Krafft-Ebing, Freud, Kinsey, and Masters/Johnson...”

Sally Miller (Synergy Press)


“I do not want to always read books that offer no admission of Michael’s human frailties. We can draw our own conclusions and offer much more informed debate if we read both favourable and unfavourable books as long as they are well written and thoroughly researched. I believe that this is such a book.

Elaine (Amazon)


“This fascinating, closely reasoned brief argues that Michael Jackson never harmed much less traumatized any of his favourites...Not one of them ever objected except when urged on by greedy parents.”

Professor William Armstrong Percy III, University of Massachusetts at Boston


“Congratulations to Mr Toms for having the courage to write the book that had to be written about Michael Jackson, but no one else dared. The irony of this detailed and cogent look into Jackson's heart and soul is that it is being condemned by those who ought to embrace it: Jackson's most faithful fans.”

Colton Alexander (Amazon)


Michael Jackson's Dangerous the answer for anyone who still may harbor questions about Jackson's sexuality. This encyclopedic tome leaves no stone unturned... There is a whole host of references to document all that Toms contends in this book... “

Caz (Amazon)


“Kein Buch für Dummköpfe (No book for fools): a balanced, fact-based, critical account that will be welcomed by the curious and fearless reader.”

Peter Schulte-Stracke (Amazon, Germany)


“I've read the book twice; it's very interesting and illuminating...”

Will Robinson (BoyChat)


“...probably the most in-depth, well written book about Michael Jackson I have ever read.”

Goatmetal (Amazon)


“...extremely well researched... thought provoking...”

T Maler, Switzerland (Amazon)





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Title: Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons

Author: “Carl Toms”

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leics, England*

Imprint: Matador

Distributor: Dangerous Books Ltd*

Date of publication: 7 June 2010*

ISBN: 9781848763401

Format: Large paperback; 624 pages


* Troubador arranged the printing of the book in April 2010 but disowned the title the following month, ahead of the publication date. The book was thus never “launched” by Troubador, but that company nevertheless remains officially listed as the publisher. The original distributor, Orca Book Services, pulled out soon after Troubador, and was officially replaced by Dangerous Books Ltd following a legal settlement between Troubador and the author.


Copyright © “Carl Toms”; All Rights Reserved Worldwide





“Carl Toms” is the pen-name of journalist Tom O’Carroll, author of Paedophilia: The Radical Case. For many years this taboo-challenging study was recommended reading for postgraduate students in criminology at Cambridge University. Since its publication in 1980 it has been cited in scores of other serious books and articles (see Scholar Google), including Sex from Plato to Paglia: A Philosophical Encyclopedia (see Amazon).


Toms spent the best part of two decades researching Michael Jackson’s “boy-love”. His long struggle to secure publication of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons in the teeth of endless hostility is a story in itself – one which may eventually emerge as a Dangerous Books title.

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