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Dangerous Books has been set up specifically as a shop window and distribution arm for Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons, by Carl Toms. All the information you need about this extraordinary and much praised book is on these pages -- including extracts from key reviews -- along with easy ordering through PayPal. Major credit cards are accepted.


But the word "dangerous" in Dangerous Books is much more than just a reference to the title chosen by Carl Toms, or the name of an album by the late great entertainer. It means exactly what it says: this book really is dangerous. It proved too hot to handle for publishers Troubador who panicked and pulled the title from their lists after a massive campaign of hate and sabotage -- a campaign ultimately turned against author Carl Toms, who was personally vilified by those afraid to face the truth about Michael Jackson's intimate friendships with young boys.


The future mission of Dangerous Books will be not just to distribute, but also to publish, other truly controversial works, especially non-fiction, provided they are well written, fully legal, and have something worthwhile to say.









“The most engaging, informed, and generous-hearted book we have on the subject or are likely ever to have. I recommend this book strongly.”

Professor James R Kincaid, University of Southern California


"His vivid and insightful commentary is a joy to read."

DJ West, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Criminology, Cambridge University


"... a profound cultural critique of received assumptions about childhood innocence, pedophilic 'power', and parental goodwill."

Professor Thomas K Hubbard, University of Texas at Austin


“... informative, original and humorous – yes humorous – commentary concerning a subject most of us feel uncomfortable about... quirky, well written, impeccably researched... Give it a try. You are NOT being disloyal to Michael by doing so.”

Hill Top House (Amazon)


“Toms tells the story... in all its larger-than-life drama and tragedy, with the pace of a natural
storyteller. This book kept me gripped throughout... a nuanced, thoughtful analysis, backed by thorough research, and at the same time a roaringly good read.”

Vitaly (Amazon) 


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